How to conduct science clubs

This could also be an opportunity for learners to ask about careers in science.

Starting a science club

To frame the programmes of the meeting and keep proper record or the proceeding of the meetings of the club. Who can make the smallest spinner that still spins?

how to conduct science clubs

Construct a tower with sugar cubes. Or try some science challenges: Preparation of soaps, ink ,candle matches, toys, bleaching powder, nail polish, chalk etc.

School Science Club Ideas

Powered by WordPress. A nominal membership fee should be charged from every member. Challenges Who can make the biggest spinner than spins at least once on its descent? The club could organise for its members and other interested learners to meet for talk sessions where current scientific topics could be discussed. Suggested Science Club Activities Through activities of a science club, learning of science becomes joyful.

If neighbouring schools were encouraged to form similar clubs, then these clubs could communicate with each other and form some joint organisation with representatives from each school.

how to conduct science clubs

Post a Comment Cancel reply Your email is never published nor shared. Who can make the slowest falling spinner? Recognize your leaders, and approach them with the idea, the appropriate tools, and positive reinforcement.

how to conduct science clubs

Organizing lectures, debates, seminars, symposia etc. Challenge Who can make their ping pong ball go the furthest? I know that it needs intensive preparation especially in financial aspect. I started a middle school science club a few years back with only a few members.

Books & Resources

This site is perfect! Home About this blog Subscribe Terms of use. While activity participating in a science club students organize thought and translate these in to action and thereby develop a zealous enthusiasm to strive for the cause of scientific enterprise.

The Aims and Objectives of a Science club The aims and objectives of a science club may outline as below.

Science Clubs at School

The responsibility of the taking initiative in the establishment of a science club in the school and then for its effective organization essentially lists.

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