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W Averill, o the 28th ult. Tohns, - 50 to Jas. Weaver, ' ' 20 0 Geo. I am writing out a statement to-day for the Government.

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Carman, 2 00 Mrs. Three men on p icket duty a few days since were captured -by a party of rebels who were reconuoiteiing. Elkinton, in the 6Sth. Love, 25 00 E.

edouard troubat say who app

He repeated Shakspeare admirably. Fries, 2 50 Thomas Wood,. The party returned the same evening, having exp lored the mountain without finding any trace of Stuart or his troopers. The students insist that fiey are in the right and refuse to ask pardon of the Faculty.

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Peterson, ' 50 00 Stephen Barcus, 2 pO S. Hagaman, 1 00 John Bobbins,' sro. Doctor Cox's great lecture, at the Hall of the University, last evening. Wilson, 50 00 Jas. Haxsox Cox's Lectures. Gray, 25 00 W.

edouard troubat say who app

Let ; this be known in, " the South and the rebellion is at an end. Ie2-3trp Go and see the greatest -wonder of the wurld: At last accounts the difliculty.

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General Averill is a native of Steuben county, and for a long... Prestley, 25 00 JO.. The school-fellows know not their comrade; the mother knows not her own son. Our men finally drove the rebels back.

edouard troubat say who app