Ar tonelico how to get shurelia lol

At the time they were known as "The Three Magi" for their magnificent teamwork. Does Misha's voice in battle change when she becomes an adult? The story varies from here, depending on the choices the player makes in respect to the Purger crystal and the path chosen in Phase 2.

ar tonelico how to get shurelia lol

Remember Me Forgot Password. After she finished singing, her Linkage armor vanished, revealing her face for the first time in centuries, and she fell unconscious to the floor.

Lets Play Ar Tonelico Melody Of Elemia part 51 Shurelia's cosmosphere episode 5! sorta lol

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Miyuki 'Shurelia' Mitsuhashi

Question Details. Pokemon Go Posts How many have you caught? Don't have an account? I think you have to have finished Aurica and Misha's first, or at least lvl 7.

Lyner, Radolf and Ayatane appeared and saved Aurica, and defeated Kyle after he was consumed by Mir's viruses.

Unlock Shurelia's Cosmosphere cheats for Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia

However, once they had defeated her, the Child of Light restored herself and gained more power, and just when they were going to be annihilated, Ayatane came in and shut her down.

Because of that, Shurelia herself had to banish him from Platina , though he would later return and once more try to revive Mir. Shurelia was removed from the control of the Silver Horn, because the humans were planning to install a control system in it and make of Mir its controller, so they could completely control all of the Reyvateils in the world.

Choose option 1 to enter phase 2 ending for the Reyvateil. Sign Up. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. During the battle the virus breaks into Misha's mind, and Shurelia suggests that the entire party Dive to save her.

Ar Tonelico: During the battle the virus breaks into Aurica 's mind, and Shurelia suggests that the entire party Dive to save her.

ar tonelico how to get shurelia lol

Because of tragic incidents that happened to Shurelia in the past, she now has a firm belief that feelings and emotions will only get in the way of one's own duty. Lyner and the others fought and defeated her, but as Shurelia suspected, Mir revived, and when Mir said that she couldn't be killed unless the Tower was destroyed, Shurelia decided that it was time to use her last resort and suspend the Tower's functions.

Once the time was right, Mir blocked off all the systems of the Silver Horn and began causing chaos in the information networks of the Tower through it. She joins as a part of the story in phase 3, then, dive with Aurica or Misha level doesn't matter as far as I can tell and Lyner can then ask Shurelia about it the next time you rest.

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ar tonelico how to get shurelia lol