What s gishwhes scavenger

It's the greatest international scavenger hunt the world has ever seen.

what s gishwhes scavenger

Gishers all over the world perked up in the anticipation of what was to come. Toggle navigation Menu.

what s gishwhes scavenger

Pride Month Character Spotlight: Manage your lists. Signup today! GISHWHES is all about getting out of your comfort zone --doing something crazy and having life-changing experience while in some cases participating in some heart-warming community service projects. For example, last year was a series of anagrams and ciphers that the first few people who solved it were invited to a tea party with Misha.

The game that had began with a rhino puzzle hunt was finally coming to a close. Lenise Ligon, Posted by: Always mind bending, always fun, always insane. And whichever team receives the most points by scavenging the most items --wins an all-expense-paid trip to "somewhere incredible. Sign Up Today.

The Hunt Formerly Known as GISHWHES

If you didn't sign up, you will have to wait until next year. Stay tuned…. As of 2014, it's a five-time Guinness World Record -holding operation. You have teams of 15 where you divvy up the tasks, which are anything but normal.

what s gishwhes scavenger

Fans of the hit show Supernatural may already have a clue about this wacky cyber game. Subscribe to Us on Youtube!

what s gishwhes scavenger

Most Popular. Email address: One of you has found the answer. She's an avid fangirl of Supernatural and Marvel and loves being able to share her passion with the world through writing. Breaking News Would you like to receive breaking news? So what's the deal, and how does it work?

Sign up. Next we saw Porpucanda disappear from the profile picture and the header picture. For every item you accomplish --you get a point.