What does sports medicine physician mean

what does sports medicine physician mean

Various muscle injuries Muscle strains are one of the more common sports injuries, and occur when your muscles are torn when overextended. Would you make a good sports medicine physician?

what does sports medicine physician mean

They may assist with needed weight loss or weight gain and can provide dietary advice to help people improve their physical functioning. Some are employed by hospitals. Participates in continuing medical education activities and recertification via re-examination every 10 years.

Sports medicine physicians take care of people who have sports injuries.

What Do Sports Medicine Doctors Do?

Your ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is one of 4 ligaments located in your knee. In some cases, a surgical procedure may be needed to repair torn tissue or realign bones.

what does sports medicine physician mean

They are generally board-certified in pediatrics, or family medicine, with additional training in sports medicine. Muscle strains can occur in a variety of different muscles throughout the human body.

what does sports medicine physician mean

These trainers provide rehabilitative exercise routines to help patients regain strength and develop conditioning programs to prevent future injury. Most sports medicine doctors are certified in internal medicine, emergency medicine, family medicine, or another specialty and then receive additional training. They are also knowledgeable about preventing illness and injury in active people.

Other professionals who are not healthcare providers may work in conjunction with a sports medicine healthcare provider to provide care:.

Sports medicine doctors specialize in the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of various injuries that are associated with athletics and other forms of exercise.

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Most sports injuries do not need surgery. When to call a sports medicine healthcare provider If your child sustains a significant injury during exercise or sports, it's probably best to seek immediate treatment at an emergency room, rather than wait to see a sports medicine specialist.

what does sports medicine physician mean

A sports medicine physician is a doctor who specializes in taking care of people who have sports injuries. Ankle sprains Fractures Knee and shoulder injuries Tendonitis Exercise-induced asthma Heat illness Concussions Eating disorders Cartilage injuries In addition, sports medicine healthcare providers can provide advice on nutrition, supplements, exercise, and injury prevention.

What does a Sports Medicine Physician do?

Knee injuries are common in a variety of sports. SEMI is home to several experienced sports medicine doctors with wide ranging specialties. About sports medicine specialists Sports medicine healthcare providers have special training to restore function to injured patients so they can get moving again as soon as possible.