What does return do in a function

Change the last line of the function main inserting print , so it says. The interpreter writes return values to the console so I can see why somebody could be confused.

what does return do in a function

They are a special case. See Birthday Function Exercise. The return statement can be used as a kind of control flow. A function of variable x is denoted as f x.

what does return do in a function

Input and Output Next topic 1. In the definition heading for happyBirthday , person is referred to as a formal parameter. The heading contains def , the name of the function, parentheses, and finally a colon.

The return statement causes your function to exit and hand back a value to its caller. Lines 2-5: I guess from this simple example, you would understand the meaning of return command. Safari iOS Full support Yes. Thus the print "return statement" does not get executed.

return Statement (C)

If you'd like to contribute to the data, please check out https: They are the only lines executed directly. We will use these conventions shortly in the discussion of function syntax, and will continue to use the conventions throughout the tutorial.

what does return do in a function

Lines 4-7: Read it and run it, and see:. As a simple example emphasizing the significance of a line being indented, guess what the the example file order.

After the conditional statement gets executed the function ret gets terminated due to return line 9. Contributors to this page: Run birthday7. The caller gets to decide what to do with the string, and above it is printed in the main program. Enter search terms or a module, class or function name.

Line 10: Edge Full support Yes. We are only doing tiny examples so far to get the basic idea of functions. If you needed to explain explicitly to someone how Happy Birthday worked in general, rather than just by example, you might say something like this: Returning Values In line number 4 and 8 the return statement is being used to return the value of temporary variable after the condition have been executed.