What do convergent plates create

The deepest part of this trench, called the Challenger Deep, is over 36,000 feet deep, deeper than Mount Everest is tall.

what do convergent plates create

Updated January 29, 2019. Seismic waves and how we know earth's structure. Superheated molten lava, about 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit, is about to explode into the water at the West Mata volcano along the Pacific Ring of Fire.

what do convergent plates create

The Andes Mountain Range of western South America is another example of a convergent boundary between an oceanic and continental plate. Key Takeaways: Share Flipboard Email. These depressions slowly fill with water, forming lakes, as their level drops.

What does a convergent boundary cause?

When two tectonic plates converge, the heavier plate is forced downward, creating a subduction zone. Did You Know?

what do convergent plates create

Heat within the asthenosphere creates convection currents that cause tectonic plates to move several centimeters per year relative to each other.

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Plate tectonics: Geological features of convergent plate boundaries

Doug Bennett has been researching and writing nonfiction works for more than 20 years. When divergent boundaries occur in continental plates, a different geological feature, called a rift valley, is formed.

what do convergent plates create

Earth Science Records: And this is actually a depiction of what's the subduction that's happening at the Mariana Trench. General Geology: Where a continental plate collides with another continental plate both plates buckle forming mountains.

Convergent Plate Boundaries

This process results in the formation of a trench. Geological features of divergent plate boundaries.

what do convergent plates create

Plate tectonics: At a depth of about 100 miles 160 km , materials in the subducting plate begin to approach their melting temperatures and a process of partial melting begins.