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In an uncharacteristic show of chivalry, James resolved to sail across to Denmark and collect her in person. Item Date: Further, many people in England had high hopes that James would be able to solve the long-standing problem of unity with Scotland.

Macbeth sends assassins to murder Lady Macduff and her family when he learns that her husband has fled to England. What is also interesting about Macbeth's ambition is that there seems to be no objective beyond sitting on the throne. The Witches, or the Weird Sisters, are three hags who practice black magic under the authority of the goddess of witchcraft, Hecate.

When Macduff discovers his wife and children are slaughtered, he is understandably moved. Macbeth arranges the murder of Banquo, and his son Fleance, to thwart the witches' prediction.

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Amleth is a trickster figure with what are hinted to be magical abilities, and Saxo agrees with the Roman historian Tacitus that northerners in general are braver, stronger, cleverer and better behaved than the corrupt population of the Mediterranean. Written and performed—perhaps coincidentally—around the time of the accession 1603 of King James 1 of England, who also happened to be King James VI of Scotland, the play treats the issue of royal succession and offers a rare example of Renaissance English ideas about Scotland.

She returns to the murder scene, smears the attendants with blood and places their knives with them to make it appear that they are guilty. Macbeth is perhaps the character most affected by the question of gender in the tragedy.

Wonders of the Northlands: Hamlet and Macbeth

Bennett, Drinkwater Meadows, W. The usual principle of succession required that the crown pass to a collateral of the king, not to heirs of the direct line. He succeeded his father as governor of the province of Moray c. Macbeth is also an example of a king who appears to have legitimate authority, but the audience knows that the only reason he has been crowned is because he got away with murdering the rightful king.

The predominant theme in Macbeth is ambition unchecked by morality. Episode Guide.

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A Highland History. Production Co: A dark sci-fi prequel , huge performances at the Oscars , and a star-studded new season of mockumentaries are our picks of the week. Before his death, Duncan appears to have been a noble, kind, and just king.

His first act is to have Macduffs wife and children killed.