New classic dr who figures uk

new classic dr who figures uk

Without Packaging. Judoon Trooper.

new classic dr who figures uk

Original Opened. Tom Size: It is fully articulated, with moving head, arms and legs. Doctor Who Year: My son adores it which is more than enough for me to give it 5 stars. Condition see all. Continue your collection with Kahler Tek 31 and the 'Earthshock' Cyberman 32.

The Zygons are shape-shifters, though the natural Zygon form is of a dome-headed, orange humanoid biped with multiple octopus-like suckers.

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Cyberman as seen in the TV story, The Invasion. The Thirteenth Doctor. Robot Year: The parts snap together and once assembled the figure cannot easily be disassembled. Very good condition, minor scuffs and marks, missing 3 weapons. Only 4 left in stock.

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Cyberman Year: Dalek Size: Year of release 2009. This way we know that you have received your item. Doctor Who: Shop by Character. Without Packaging Type: Andrew J.

new classic dr who figures uk