Howmuchyabench gangsta wraps vs multipurpose

I have the multipurpose wraps and original slingshot that i purchased at the 2011 Arnold.


People have been having problems with the stitching but just hit them up with picture proof and they will gladly replace them. Great for keeping my wrist solid. AUD 49. Deciding which wrist wrap to get can be challenging. It mainly comes down to personal preference on how much material you want on your wrist. I have a red slingshot that I doubt I'll be replacing any time soon.

Original Sling Shot

Personal preferences on compression could cause the lifter to remove Compression Cuffs between sets. Gangsta wraps are amazing, really lock you in tight and keep your wrists secure. I'm a big supporter of their products.

howmuchyabench gangsta wraps vs multipurpose

They slipped every set and don't feel like 7mm. The size chart is designed to maximize the performance, compression and longevity of the product. International Customers: The elbow cuffs, make sure you get the right size because even if you get the blue ones they can dig into your skin pretty tight lol.

While SBD products are better, they also cost almost double so Slingshot products can be a good compromise. Want to join? I've bought a lot of their products over the last couple of years.


I work a 9-5 office job and drive 2-4 hours a day so I really need to warm myself up before my top sets. Post a comment!

howmuchyabench gangsta wraps vs multipurpose

Really poorly made, unsupportive and overpriced. I own the Reactive and Original Slingshots Blue and Red Speak for themselves obviously, great for overloading of course but also great for pushups and dips.

howmuchyabench gangsta wraps vs multipurpose

After you request a return within this time frame and it is approved you will receive prepaid return label at no cost to you. AUD 89. US Customers: Can I make changes to my order once it has been placed and paid for?

howmuchyabench gangsta wraps vs multipurpose

I get some looks. Add to cart Add to wish list.