How to swear in arabic iraqi dialect

So, be very careful with these phrases and never use them. I didn't read the whole thread, bare with me guys if I'm repeating some words you have already mentioned: I was just going to start a topic on "3" and "7" when I noticed your post.

Iraqi slang 101: A brief introduction

My other friend whom speaks Arabic had a horrified look on her face, since it means sperm in Arabic. So you never know who you could offend!! You have to be more careful in English as a English speaking person or French than you to Arabic.!

LEARN IRAQI WORDS -- تعلم كلمات عراقية

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how to swear in arabic iraqi dialect

Thank you! Take it easy!

Arabic iraqi Language

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how to swear in arabic iraqi dialect

I'll see if I can get some more words and phrases from this dormant head of mine. Ok heres a few terms, that are usually used iraqi style, thats what your asking for right?

Iraqi Language

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Arabic iraqi Swear Words

Your sensitivity though is mind boggling and seems to be your major focus. Im working in qatar as an accountant in a supermarket.. Hi thank you for this valuable information, but I think we can not use these swearwords in our research papers. This is an interesting post.

how to swear in arabic iraqi dialect