How to change a brake light socket

Replace Brake Light Socket

Add fresh break fluid to the reservoir. Step 13: Secure the ground clip of a test light to a known good ground source such as a bolt or solid metal piece. Let's start with the most popular repair which is replacing the brake light bulb and then onto troubleshooting connection and electrical problems. Grasp the bad bulb and pull it from the light socket. As a final step to help maintain your lights so you can spend less time fixing brakes , you can apply some dielectric grease to the sockets where the bulbs plug in.

If the fuse is okay continue down the guide. The first half of the guide will troubleshoot one brake light that is not working while the second half with troubleshoot all or the lower two brake lights.

Replace Your Car’s Burnt-Out Bulbs in 4 Simple Steps

Grasp the bulb socket and twist firmly counterclockwise. Retrace your steps to put everything back in place and scratch this particular maintenance item off your list until next time.

This system is powered and protected by a fuse located inside the fuse panel under the dash or the power distribution center located under the hood.

Replace a brake light You can get an expensive ticket for driving with a busted tail light. Some bulbs you will need to push down and twist counterclockwise.

If no mounting bolts are found on the outside of the lens they will be located in the inside of the rear body panel. If the bulb flickers replace or repair the socket.

how to change a brake light socket

Share Tweet Pin. Sometimes the bulb is not the reason why the headlight is not working. While a helper holds down on the brake pedal move the bulb around slightly in the socket.

how to change a brake light socket

If none of the lights are working then the bulbs are probably not the problem. In order to replace the rear disks, pads, and brake line, you will need a 12mm wrench, a 14mm wrench, a Phillips...

how to change a brake light socket

Once you have found the mounting bolts, remove and set the bolts aside.