How does translate protection working

See below how to actually do the tagging. If you have the categories in the translation page template, all translations will end up in the same category. Naturally the changes you make to the source text of translations require updates of all existing translations, so it is better to wait until the contents of the page have stabilized.

how does translate protection working

This page was last edited on 25 February 2019, at 20: This does not prevent further translations to the pages, but it greatly reduces the chance that a user accidentally starts translating the page. In their house, everything comes in pairs. Click here to view our full Privacy Policy. Categories can be added in two ways: And they made no sense.

how does translate protection working

We have been following these translation tips at UTS. French words, for example, might have different emotional meaning than English counterparts.

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Aggregate message groups are collapsed by default in Special: If you have been translating pages before using the page translation system, you might want to migrate the pages to the new system, at least the ones you expect to have new translations and want statistics for.

You can also define a list of languages that you specifically want translations into; leaving the language list empty is interpreted as all languages allowed. In our opinion, one of the most important things when offering translator services is to ensure that the contextual meaning of the content is preserved. Splitting units. A professional translation service typically requires both a revision or edition and a proofreading.

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The General Conference recommends that Member States apply the following provisions concerning the protection of translators and translations by taking whatever legislative or other steps may be required, in conformity with the constitutional provisions and institutional practice of each State, to give effect, within their respective territories, to the principles and standards set forth in this Recommendation. Where Does Your Data Go?

how does translate protection working

This way someone can quickly translate the table of contents before going into the contents. General legal position of translators 3. You can move translatable pages as you would move any other page.