Gove what is education for self

Michael Gove’s school reforms ‘ignored’ rise in pupils’ mental illness

Thank you. During my research on education from 1930-70 in Britain, I have read hundreds of inspectors reports from this period; it is striking how non-judgmental and constructive they are; identifying areas of improvement but focusing on working with the school to implement a solution. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

gove what is education for self

Most importantly, however, 1950s educational provision was underwritten by the relationship between school inspectors and teachers, as inspectors focused on helping and guiding schools, rather than rating them. Show 25 25 50 100 All.

Education Secretary Michael Gove's speech to Brighton College

The sort of education which equips them to do whatever they want in life - and leaves no opportunity out of reach. Scrapping the progressive pay scale that has been in place since the early 20th century, with increments related to length of service, the new system plans instead "to link teachers' pay to performance allowing [schools] to pay good teachers more".

And that is because we know that progress - for individuals or society - is not a matter of laissez-faire but leadership. A Department for Education spokesman said: When it was proposed that Downhills should become an academy and benefit from the leadership of great headteachers who had brought success elsewhere, local politicians and trade unions fought reform every step of the way.

gove what is education for self

Learning wasn't about learning things by heart and then regurgitating them like a bad cheese sandwich. Most popular.

Michael Gove's education policies would look old-fashioned in the 1950s

And this renaissance is being driven by teachers Look at the Greenwood Dale trust, led by the recently and deservedly knighted Sir Barry Day. Like all the Harris academies - and particularly through the 2 Harris teaching schools - spreading their best practice and outstanding teaching techniques to many more schools than ever before.

gove what is education for self

At the moment, there are 1310 primaries below this floor - mostly those in poorer areas. Since 2010, the number of children in failing secondary schools has fallen by almost a quarter of a million. Because those of us who know Richard Cairns recognise that he is one of the most visionary leaders in education today…. Those who are born poor are more likely to stay poor and those who inherit privilege are more likely to pass on privilege in England than in any comparable county.

If acting is increasingly a stage for public school talent one might have thought that at least comedy or music would be an alternative platform for outsiders.

Tristram Hooley is a reader in career development at the University of Derby. Look at Reach Academy in Feltham, a new, innovative, all-through free school founded by dedicated teachers.

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