How were the san bernardino killers caught

Possible sources of radicalization investigators are looking into include:.

how were the san bernardino killers caught

Michael S. Officers and the couple exchanged fire.

how were the san bernardino killers caught

Brett Kelman, The Desert Sun. Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article and an earlier version of a picture caption with this article misidentified the panel where James B. Farook was associating with like-minded people.

San Bernardino terror attack: Police describe gun battle with terrorist couple

San Bernardino shooters buried in quiet funeral guarded by FBI agents. The FBI is focusing on how they missed the couple's secret radicalization and Farook's apparent comments to an associate as early as 2011 that he was considering a terrorist attack. Marquez, whose wife is a sister-in-law of Mr. Three of the guns were purchased legally by Farook between 2007 and 2012.

Those charges carry a combined maximum sentence of 25 years.

how were the san bernardino killers caught

Father reads text from daughter caught up in San Bernardino shooting. Bowdich said Farook, who was born in Illinois, had traveled overseas in recent years, and had visited Pakistan, from where his parents emigrated.

how were the san bernardino killers caught

Farook had some kind of digital contact with people from at least two terrorist organizations overseas, including the Al Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front in Syria, a federal law enforcement official said. Shortly after the attacks, he checked himself into a mental health facility in California.

Brother of San Bernardino terrorist, 2 others arrested

Farook and Malik used five firearms during the attack, and left behind three pipe bombs wired to a remote control. The husband and wife terrorists in San Bernardino were shot by police more than 40 times combined after their 2015 shooting rampage, according to a new report issued by the county's district attorney's office on Thursday. Money transfers.

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Everything we know about the San Bernardino terror attack investigation so far

US sports. Several nearby homes and cars were struck by bullets, but no civilians were hit during the shootout. The official said Farook may have told at least one associate in 2011 or 2012 that he was considering a terrorist plot. San Bernardino shooting. Pakistani security officials have questioned teachers and students there. Malik to enter the country on the special 90-day visa for people planning to marry Americans.