How to pronounce llama in spanish

Remember me. For example in English we could say "The dog flies" which could mean that you have a magical pet that is able get up off the ground.

How To Pronounce llama

Log in Sign up. Some places use varying degrees of hardness of the 'j' sound all the way to the softness of the 'y'' sound. Welcom to the forum! However, it is also important to consider this: All you people out there with your angry debates about how to pronounce the word "llama" - give it a rest, okay? I just go with llama pronunciation. Powered by LiveJournal.

In spanish, double LL's are pronounced as a Y. Already a user on SpanishDict? Sign up with email.

how to pronounce llama in spanish

If it was L, it would be spelled as Lama. At the grocery store today, I got to hear a kid and his trip to the zoo, and his mom saying he liked the "llamas". Llama comes from the verb llamar to call. The correct pronounciation is "Yama".

December 2010.

how to pronounce llama in spanish

The same holds true here with 'Llama'. It's in our language as llama pronounced lama, and that's the end of it. Off Topic. Link Reply Thread. In the second case it might mean a 'flame'.

How to pronounce llama

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how to pronounce llama in spanish

Did someone say my name?