How to make easy hard apple cider

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Simple Hard Apple Cider

You and your stomach can thank us later! Here's what to do next: It's up to you to play around with different flavors. Most store bought juices contain preservatives. This will let CO2 gasses out without letting oxygen in. Bubbles in the fermentor lock indicate the yeast is turning sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

The Lazy Man’s Guide on How to Make Hard Apple Cider

At three weeks, take that reserved frozen juice out of the freezer and funnel it into the fermenting cider. Shake the bottle a lot. Carboys, kegerators, countless tubes and siphons — they all cost money. Though you can technically make hard cider with only a carboy jug and balloon, there are some safety and sterilization precautions worth paying a little extra for.

I visited dozens of websites and chatted with a variety of fermenting experts to get this list down to a minimum. Make sure your liquid is COLD.

DIY: Crisp & Sassy Homemade Hard Cider Recipe [Video]

Pour apple juice into your sterilized bucket. I've noticed that after I let the cider age 6 months to a year, the yeast that's left over actually carbonates it nicely.

how to make easy hard apple cider

Close Missing Input Please enter a rating or review before submitting. Place the cider in the refrigerator to cold crash the yeast.

how to make easy hard apple cider

This will prevent any wild, unwanted bacteria from ruining your brew. First of all, what is cider? Okay, it's been 3 weeks, fermentation should have slowed down but still be a little active.

how to make easy hard apple cider

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