How to grow succulents indoors

5 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Succulents (And How to Grow 'Em Right)

To make your own desert-dweller happy, try to emulate the rainfall patterns native to its home habitat. From our network. Type keyword s to search.

how to grow succulents indoors

You can find special cactus and succulent mixes at the nursery, or even use an African violet mix. Tiny House, Big Living 6: Gently loosen other soil, and sift new soil around the roots, using your fingers or blunt end of a pencil to tamp it lightly as you go.

Graptopetalum paraguayense, Portulacaria afra variegata Click here to purchase.

how to grow succulents indoors

Indoor succulents grow best in bright light. Planting succulents indoors is not done much different from other plants in pots. Related Stories.

how to grow succulents indoors

If you water succulents too much , the stems and roots may rot and the leaves will drop. Close 0 items. By Linda Ly What are Succulents? See more tips and container-plant design ideas for our favorite succulents: Pedilanthus develop their best foliage colors with at least a few hours of direct sun, and get Portulacaria, Sedums, and others get very leggy and weak if not given bright light, exceptions such as Sansevieria and Hoya tolerate fairly low light levels.

Succulents like it dry.

From Flora Grubb Gardens: 9 Secrets to Growing Succulent Plants Indoors

Plus a few more tips for growing healthy succulents: How To Outdoors Gardening. Conduct experiments. When first learning how to pot succulents, you will notice how shallow and brittle their roots are.