How ip cctv camera works

How CCTV cameras work

The next 2 methods will demonstrate how to set up a network camera on a network. It's just a question of configuration. You just need to choose which lens you want to use when buying a box camera. Jennifer hires a professional CCTV camera installer who offers two options: John's CCTV camera project can have the same image quality as Jennifer's CCTV camera project as long as John invests in the new analog camera technology that allows him to have 1080p resolution.

DVR is a physical device and involves other functionalities like encoding and processing of video data. Marvin Hunt July 22, 2018 at 11: TV lines Old technology. Below is a screen shot of how it looks in our case.

How CCTV cameras work recap.

How to Connect an IP Camera to a Computer

A coaxial cable is used to connect the camera to the Digital Video Recorder. The network is still secure, however.

how ip cctv camera works

Make extra money by installing security cameras. X where X is a number between 2 and 254, and not same as the our computer's current address. The majority of IP Cameras on the market can be configured to provide live viewing, continuous recording, operate at a scheduled time or be triggered by a specific event. Digital equivalent resolution New technology.

how ip cctv camera works

We are still scratching the surface if you want to become a professional installer, I recommend to take a look at the Ultimate Security Camera Guide. The camera currently has an IP address of 10. A NVR is not necessary in order to view your network cameras or even record video.

What is an IP Camera? How does IP Surveillance Camera Work? [Complete Guide]

Obviously, wireless IP means the power supply would have to be separate or independent. Phillip Ferreira March 26, 2018 at 8: The second most popular CCTV camera model.

So, John has a girlfriend, her name is Jennifer and she lives in an apartment with 2 little cats. For more info on basic networking knowledge as to how IP addresses matter when deploying network cameras, please read our guide about connecting security cameras to the internet. IP Cameras are a versatile security solution, requiring nothing more than a network connection. We discussed that PoE supplies power to the camera, so a 12V power adapter is not necessary in this scenario.

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how ip cctv camera works