Control arm bushing creaking noise when pedaling

Would this be the cause of the noise or something else? Originally the noise happened only when braking, and the Honda dealer told me it was the brake pads sliding back and forth.

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Came out to work on my 2011 BMW x5. Could also be sway arm links or other bushings, but those you might hear but not likely feel. Bryant 9 years of experience. I believe it is something else, I hear the noise every time I drive over railroad tracks, or rough and uneven pavement. What Is Interesting... But when I make hard stops there is no sound that is heard. It is indeed possible for front brake rotors to cause a crunching noise but that almost always happens right after a low-cost brake job or one that is done by an inexperienced mechanic who has not learned the many tricks used to prevent those noises.

Rating Summary. How important is this service? Brandon 17 years of experience. On top of that, it isn't constant, as in itll creak then stop then creak then stop kinda like some sexytime going on on an old bed.

Creaking front end noise

Remember me. Bushings wear out over time. Register or Log In now! Was this answer. I was told that I need to replace my rotors because they are almost under sized, but I do not believe they would make noises because of that. Your shocks and struts are most likely the gas-filled type. If i was you I would check every bushing and replace all that look suspect. Mine creak a bit and I installed new control arms around a month and a half ago.

Wanted a second opinion. Manolito 2008-11-17 14: One of our professional mechanics can inspect your vehicle, determine the underlying cause, and then repair your car.

All times are GMT -7. That will make more noise during braking when there is more force on those bolts, but if the rotors are warped bad enough to cause that kind of noise, you would notice a shimmy in the steering wheel or feel a pulsation in the brake pedal. If it's knocking check your tie rods. The curved seems to have play.

This is annoying but not dangerous.