Boondock saints different actors who played

What the cast of The Boondock Saints looks like today

Geno Kevin Chapman... Subscribe for the hottest movie, TV, and gaming news! A website was launched at the same time the announcement was made, selling merchandise, DVDs, and behind-the-scenes looks for exorbitant prices.

boondock saints different actors who played

Boston Gayle Franklin... Blockbuster Video took a chance on The Boondock Saints , booking the exclusive rights to the video rentals for the film. Clifton Collins, Jr.

boondock saints different actors who played

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After that theatrical run, it seemed as though that would be the end for the film - that is, until Blockbuster got involved. Boston as Jim Mitchell Keith Murphy... Boston as Robert G.

boondock saints different actors who played

Boston as Timothy Wollaston James R. Paul Smecker.

boondock saints different actors who played

Prison Guard uncredited Taylor Duffy... Before he became an actor in his 30s, Brian Mahoney had a very different career—as an attack helicopter pilot in the United States Army, logging flights using night-vision goggles and spending hours flying in Europe and Central America.

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Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. It is at Doc's bar that The Saints' tale truly begins, because McGinty's is about to be forced out of business by the Russian mob if Doc doesn't pay into their protection racket. All rights reserved. Boston Kristen Figeroid...

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All Saints Day. As fans of the movie are no doubt aware, not one of those actors actually appear in The Boondock Saints. Gardner Dana Schaefer... All Saints Day, Blindness. A fresh take on sports: Priest uncredited Tony Montana... Boston Marc Kunis... After the twins are forced to kill a pair of Russian mobsters in self-defense, they initially turn themselves into the police, but they have a dream in which the voice of God tells them to rid the world of evil men, so they embark on a campaign of vigilante justice to take out the worst of Boston's criminals.

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