Baking whole fresh flounder

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baking whole fresh flounder

Recipe Rating. Saturday 9 February 2008 11: Credits Chef Manuel Parianos.

Whole-baked flounder with lemon and aromatics

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How to Make Baked Flounder with Fresh Lemon Pepper - Dinner Tonight - MyRecipes

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baking whole fresh flounder

How a plate of eggplant gave this restaurant cult-like status. I cooked this over the coals, but it works just as well in a hot oven and you can substitute the flounder with any other whole fish of about the same weight.

Baked whole flounder

Lay the lemon slices over. Looking for one of your favorite recipes? Follow Us facebook twitter instagram pinterest flickr. This recipe for roasting a whole fish is super easy and imagine the look on your guests faces when you bring out one or two beautifully cooked whole fish for them to enjoy!

Baked Whole Flounder

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baking whole fresh flounder

Try to use good quality tasty tomatoes as these will add flavour, such as sweet cherry tomatoes. Close Share this recipe: At this point you can de-bone the fish and serve, you can place it on the table and everyone can get their own portion, or leave it on the center island as you enjoy cold beers and pick at the crispy, yet delicate and sweet meat.

Flounders are flatfish — at hatching, one eye is located on each side of its head but, as the fish grows, one of its eyes will migrate to the fish's upper side.

baking whole fresh flounder

Rub fish down with salt and pepper on both sides, depending on the size of your fish you might need more or less salt and pepper. Listen now.

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The idea is to keep a little air in the parcel with the fish but sealing the whole thing really well so that none of the cooking juices can escape. Follow Us on Twitter My Tweets. Stumped for dinner?

baking whole fresh flounder

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