William howard taft bathtub crane

The truth about William Howard Taft’s bathtub

He has survived much: Until tonight. And so he did both.

william howard taft bathtub crane

Some legends say it took multiple men to pull him out of the jam. Stimson, Secretary of War: And I never saw Annabelle again. The Mystery of Lake Malawi. Taft remains the only American to hold the highest office in both the executive and judicial branches of government.

Louise Taft, mother [laughing]: Taft took showers for the rest of his life.

william howard taft bathtub crane

The Broad February 24, 2012 at 10: The article appears to be an expanded version of the newspaper story and it detailed how Taft dealt with bathtub-size problems: Share this on: I raised, for all intents and purposes, a pet rhinoceros. Any quotes attributed to persons herein are entirely fictitious unless otherwise noted.

That is not to say, however, that the questions don't come up. But we had reached an interminable series of dead ends.

william howard taft bathtub crane

Did President Taft break a bathtub? OR how "in-bare-assing" to be stuck in a tub. The whole episode was sacrilege on levels countless and in ways numberless, but my God was it something divine.

The Untrue, Made-Up Oral History of a Colossal President Getting Stuck in His Colossal Bathtub

The Net: Sniffit Ha. HumorSmith February 24, 2012 at 2: Needing a big bathtub, he had a tub installed that was 7 feet long and 41 inches wide, and could accommodate four normal-sized men.

william howard taft bathtub crane

The Innovative Spirit. The best gossip, of course, always contains a grain of truth. He was born the son of a prominent judge in Cincinnati, where he developed a deep affection for baseball, though not for baserunning.

william howard taft bathtub crane

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