When will cena come back

Could he possibly break Ric Flair's record?

when will cena come back

Read or Share this story: Blake Oestriecher Contributor. Do you think Cena will ever be a 17 time Champion someday?

WWE News: John Cena Reveals A New Look For His Comeback Match

It remains to be seen how this match plays out. Could we see Cena mix it up with the younger lot? Edit Favorites. If not, a face vs. He's scheduled to make his return at Super Show-Down.

John Cena to return to WWE on New Year's Day, fans react

He's also a former guest columnist for Rolling Stone India. John Cena and Roman Reigns had quite the program last year, which seemed like a passing of the torch from one face of the company to the subsequent generation, as Cena forayed into Hollywood. Though Cena was praised by many for standing up for his convictions and refusing to work a Crown Jewel show that many other superstars also did not want to work , it stands to reason that his decision not to work a big show that he'd been advertised for many not be sitting well with the WWE higher-ups even if many fans, wrestlers and company officials shared the same sentiment as Cena.

Like The Rock before him, Cena has attained a great deal of success on the silver screen.

when will cena come back

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John Cena MAJOR return update: WWE legend's schedule ahead of WrestleMania revealed

Dec 1, 2018, 07: The creative team can always come up with some sort of explanation or replacement for Strowman at TLC, with some even speculating that Bray Wyatt could fill in for him , as he shouldn't be rushed back at a time when Raw is already extremely thin as far as top babyfaces are concerned.

At no point in recent memory have there been more non-WWE promotions for which stars of Punk's caliber can work, and even though Punk has time and time again stressed that he's "done" with pro wrestling , his latest comments suggest he hasn't completely closed the door on the possibility of working at least one more match.

John Cena has been hitting the gym and following a very strict diet ahead of his comeback in Melbourne. Read More.

John Cena's return

With Cena not at Crown Jewel after being featured in matches at both Greatest Royal Rumble and Super Show-Down, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding what his upcoming return means and how long it will really last. I would always listen.

when will cena come back

Cena's wrestling has taken a bit of a backseat to his budding acting career. I like the Young Bucks. He was last seen in an epic battle against Triple H in Saudi Arabia, a match that he won.

when will cena come back

Since 2017, Cena has been involved in dream matches with Shinsuke Nakamura, The Undertaker, Braun Strowman, Finn Balor and Reigns, with virtually all of those matches minus the bout with Reigns receiving little to no build. You can change the cookie settings here.

when will cena come back