What pakistan thinks about indian army

what pakistan thinks about indian army

Mohammad Ali Jinnah Source: Following the 2016 surgical strikes , the pressure on the Pakistani army was kept across the LoC through "proactive and precise targeting" by the Indian Army, they said The officials claimed that against the more than 138 fatal casualties suffered by the Pakistani army in the area in 2017, the numbers reduced to half till May 2018 after the neighbouring nation was forced to request for a ceasefire in the face of mounting deaths and injuries.

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what pakistan thinks about indian army

The Pakistani army had shelled the brigade headquarters and other Indian military formations in Jammu and Kashmir's Poonch on October 23. Politics and Nation. They said the Indian Army has exercised maximum restraint, despite continuous provocation by the Pakistani army.

Here's What Pakistan Has To Say About The Surgical Strike Video

This is no longer true. In this excerpt, Siddiqa tries to explain the complex love-hate relationship between Pakistan military and India. Subscribe to our Newsletter. At the operational level, let alone the Pakistan military, even its regular army did not join the war. Called a paramilitary force, the NLI, unlike Indian paramilitary forces, is commanded by army officers on deputation and has the army ethos. Since this first military conflict, Pakistan has fought two-and-a-half further wars with India over the unsettled dispute about Kashmir.

what pakistan thinks about indian army

Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now You can switch off notifications anytime using browser settings. However, a prominent Pakistani historian, Ayesha Jalal, claims that the military did not resist its orders, but Jinnah was convinced to change his earlier decision to deploy troops in Kashmir by General Auchinleck, the joint commander-in-chief for India and Pakistan.

The ban on him remains under General Kayani.

Bottomline | Kargil Legacy

The Economic Times. In contrast, Cohen holds the founding father responsible for lax control over the army by leaving ultimate strategic military decision making to General Gracey.

what pakistan thinks about indian army

The knowledge that India fears a substantive Chinese reaction in a war with Pakistan in a future conflict will help both allies plan hostilities optimally. I am not sure if India has drawn correct lessons.

Indian Army targets Pakistani military administrative HQs in PoK

Foul language Slanderous Inciting hatred against a certain community Others. During the war, despite a shortage of acclimatised troops, the Indian Army IA did not consider it wise to pull-out its acclimatised 114 infantry brigade at Durbok in Ladakh facing China for combat with Pakistan.

Mar 30, 2017 at 18: Find this comment offensive? For India, the Kargil war was about evicting intruders.

Despite All The Battles, Here’s Why The Pakistan Military Really Loves India

The war was fought on Indian soil, and all associated with national security got exposed abysmally. Connect with.

what pakistan thinks about indian army

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