What does sased mean joe

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Why Is Coffee Called “A Cup of Joe”?

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what does sased mean joe

Wonderopolis Oct 19, 2016. For what ever. There are far fewer officers than there are sailors, thus the impact of General Order 99 would have been relatively mild, certainly not the stuff of which rueful sobriquets are coined.

Rogers Family Coffee. Thanks for sharing the additional information and theory about how the phrase "Cup of Joe" was started! Derived from the words Java and Mocha, where originally the best coffee came from.

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Why coffee is called “joe”

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Rather, the implementation of General Order 99 had precious little effect on the lives of enlisted sailors, an already heartily sober lot, because the ships they served on had been officially dry since the spirit ration was abolished in 1862.

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what does sased mean joe

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Thus, coffee the next best thing was the beverage of choice for the sailors. We're glad you had fun exploring this Wonder and learned something new, too!

what does sased mean joe

Play Again Quit. They only place I've ever heard the term "cup of joe" was in the Polar Express when the guy is on the top of the train. Navy had not been sodden with rum and staffed as far as the eye could see by tipsy sailors barely capable of remaining on their feet. How did those foods and drinks come to have those particular nicknames? Navy order issued at the beginning of which war?