How to oxidize silver with bleach

The results are astonishing. Peter W.

Oxidizing Your Silver Jewelry

Tip 3: Carefully remove your item from the solution — I recommend using plastic tweezers for this operation — and rinse off the excess. The latter patina is much more even and has a deeper, richer look.

how to oxidize silver with bleach

Pour a small quantity of household bleach into a plastic or glass container. First I clean my piece in a sudsy light ammonia solution to remove any and all oils my piece may have from me handling it.

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Keeping the solution warm will speed up the process You can create an antique effect by polishing the raised surfaces of pieces almost back to their original shine, while indentation will remain blackened.

Exact amount?

how to oxidize silver with bleach

Oxidizing jewelry is great for adding dimension to jewelry. When heated to 200C or more the patina does bubble and degrade but rather slower than one might expect.

How to Oxidize Sterling Silver like a Pro with 7 Simple Tricks! – Jewelry Design Hacks

A number of anti-scale compounds and drain cleaners contain Hydrochloric acid and so it is always prudent to remove jewellery when using these products. How it then takes a patina will depend on whether your subsequent finishing and polishing operations cut through the fine silver layer again to the sterling alloy.

Oxidizing the once very shiny sterling silver in this bracelet took a simple design and made it much more interesting by creating a sharp contrast to the shiny gold filled jump rings and the faceted aquamarine barrels. The thing to remember about Chlorine and several other gases is that in the presence of water moisture in the air they form acids.

I want to know how to oxidise silver

Hi Jamie! A mixture of one part Silver Black with one or two parts water is ideal for most projects and will allow you to stop the reaction before the silver becomes too dark.

how to oxidize silver with bleach

Does anyone know if chlorine might affect silver alloys? You will be pleasantly surprised... You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Oxidizing Your Silver Jewelry laura 17 Comments.

Now that we have all the essentials, we can get to the fun part!

how to oxidize silver with bleach

It will only take a couple tries and you will get the hang of things. CalEnamelist 2004-10-03 02: Posted by tjstatler 6 comments.

how to oxidize silver with bleach

Make sure the container will not be mistaken for something to store food or beverages. Have you oxidized your silver jewelry before?