How to make a feather pencil toppers

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Kids Crafts - Feather Decorated Pencils~ Feather Pencil Tops

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Wrap more tape around the base of the feathers to cover the string parts. Turkey Feathers. Cut a short length of strung feather about and inch will do and hot glue it around the eraser of the pencil.

The perfect summer craft project for kids. If you have loose feathers on hand, those can be glued on individually for the same effect, but with a bit more effort.

how to make a feather pencil toppers

We love seeing how to make felt pencil toppers and all the great ideas and designs out there. I'd love to receive your weekly newsletter - thanks! So quick and simple stationery DIY with lots of fun uses. And yes, our final section — how to make pencil toppers with pipe cleaners!

We love pencil toppers, because usually they are fun, bright, colourful and quirky and simply a great way to personalise what is in your pencil case! Kisses and hugs from Loombicious aka Nancy. Fantastic easy crafts the kids will love to do!

Pencil Topper Craft Ideas

Wrap the pencil in a fun and colorful tape. Feather Ornaments from The Impatient Crafter Use plastic fillable ornaments for a kid-friendly version of this pretty decoration.

how to make a feather pencil toppers

If yes, you may just want to make some of these fun Loom Band Pencil topper ideas I think the colourful Pom Pom Loom Band Pencil Toppers are just genius — super easy and a great way to use up lots of your left over loom bands — regardless of colours! Comment Name Email Website. Decorating their school pencils with colorful and fluffy feathers. Feathered Bird Craft - Craftulate. Colorful for Eastern via photopin license.

how to make a feather pencil toppers