Everywhere i go talib kweli new album

And those are the guys who are considered the best.

everywhere i go talib kweli new album

And what rappers do, what MCs do, is we find ways to say things that are in people's heads but they can't express themselves. Dilla , Kanye West , Hi-Tek — some of the best producers in the business — people still don't understand that musical choices have a lot to do with where I go musically.

everywhere i go talib kweli new album

A lot of my favorite albums — from a lot of that Marvin Gaye stuff to even when The Beatles started experimenting more — when artists come out and they have access to more resources, they can add more things. Courtesy of Press Here Publicity hide caption.

Talib Kweli Recruits Big K.R.I.T., Curren$y & Kendra Ross for ‘Everywhere I Go’

My son was introduced to hip-hop through me, so his first hip-hop was KRS-One. And he didn't like Drake or Lil' Wayne until he went to high school. So I grew up in a house that had vinyl, stacks of vinyl lined against the walls in the living room and the dining room.

everywhere i go talib kweli new album

Fresh was the rapper who inspired me to write my first rhyme, but I really gravitated towards it when I heard De La Soul and Public Enemy in '87 and '88. Nah, my parents were not hip-hop fans.

Talib Kweli - Everywhere I Go Feat. Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T. & Kendra Ross

But it all ties into a general point I'm making about society, about compassion, about trying to be honest with myself and my craft and things of that nature. So when we talk about hip-hop in general, hip-hop is preoccupied with life.

But the day before, I went to see her sing with her student group at Carnegie Hall, so that was a good feeling as well. T ell me about how you developed your lyrical style. They were fans of urban music.

everywhere i go talib kweli new album

And that's a great movie! I feel like there are many more parents in hip-hop now. I think they were probably more obscure and more abstract.

Talib Kweli - Listen (Official Version) HQ Video

It used to be because they were born and I had to take care of them. In March he spoke with All Things Considered host Audie Cornish about the roles he's played in the shifting terrain of hip-hop, his relationship to the mainstream, and honoring old-school rap. His latest album challenges that image, paying homage to old-school hip-hop and working with the present. I'm not done — by far I'm not done.

That's a classic that people missed.

Talib Kweli On Mainstream Hip-Hop And Honoring The Old School

My parents were professors, so there was a lot of academic influence in my household. Spike Lee had Spike's Joint across the street.

everywhere i go talib kweli new album

I went to the Prince concert. I've learned how to flow better, I've learned how to create references in people's minds that work for them. But, yeah, I didn't imagine it would be anything like this.

You said, "Just like gangster rappers should stay away from the title of 'gangster.