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Wednesday Feb-27-2019 12: This blog is dedicated to ancient and medieval miniature wargaming. Their shields are just about identical in size to the ones from Mirliton though a little thicker. Some on auctions or favorable prices, others somewhat more expensive, since I spent much love and time assembling and painting them. The baggage train is marching out through the gates of Constantinople to join the column of the Byzantine Army.

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First, the horses. Id's White Spaces Analyser. Labels 10mm 2 15mm 40 15mm. Cyrus established the Empire by shaking of Median dominance and conquering vast territories in the 6th century BC. A wargamer's perspective on the military history of the 13th and early 14th century. This arrangement proved efficient enough to ensure the survival and eventual recovery of the Empire for centuries to come.

The Legio figures are a bit taller but it is their bulk which makes them stand out next to other figures. Dante's Wars.

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Perhaps Karangor. Thanks to Curt, Dave and everyone else who made this challenge possible.

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They are fab figures, beautifully sculpted and my idea of colonial marines. Very satisfied with how they look in the end. The model I'm creating can be used as part of a DBA camp for several armies such as. File information Filename: GG02 Gallic Infantry with Sword. Looking forward to next year!