Who won japan vs mexico soccer

This tour gave us a great learning experience, as we got to face the top teams of the world while seeing in first-hand how physical the North and South American teams played.

who won japan vs mexico soccer

As the team picked up their rhythm through their solid defence, Japan managed to score the opening goal. With many of our players entering their first year in the J. Starting Line-up GK: Despite conceding a crucial opportunity for the local club side at one point, the Japanese defenders performed solidly to keep the score-line intact.

The fact that the team finished this tour undefeated, despite facing strong teams like Mexico and Brazil has given us great confidence.

Japan national football team: record v Mexico

The level of football exerted by the Brazil side was something we have not experienced before. After conducting a match against the U-19 Vietnam National Team in Chiba, we entered Mexico, where we conditioned ourselves with under a 14-hour time difference and an altitude of 2300 meters. Through football, we realise the full benefits that sports can bring to our lives the soundness of our bodies, the expansion of our minds, and the enrichment of our societies.

who won japan vs mexico soccer

Mexico scored all the runs needed to win in the top of the tenth. This has been a very productive tour with many things to learn.

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Unlike the first half, the Japanese players made numbers of mistakes and lost possession of the ball in many occasions. On a 2-2 count, Kenji Nishimaki flied out to right field to end the game.

who won japan vs mexico soccer

With two outs in the top of the second, Alan Garcia singled. Introducing Referees.

Then he walked Kento Harasawa. Our team managed to maintain a high level of focus while staying discipline throughout the match to finish the match with a tie, but the match made us realise that we must strive for higher levels.

who won japan vs mexico soccer

National Coaching Staff Wallpaper Download. Respect F. It was the sixth assist by Shuto in the tournament.

who won japan vs mexico soccer

In offence, I felt the need to become a player that can initiate the attacks for the team. With momentum on their side, Japan kept on attacking as ANDO Mizuki received the ball at the edge of the penalty box and pierced the side net with his long-range effort in the 35th minute. The ball went then to Erick Casillas, who got started with two balls.