Who made who live 92 news

See, Dave's Mom didn't know she was pregnant - she thought she had just eaten some bad wild boar a few months before and was still suffering the consequences.

His family immediately disowned him and said they didn't have any place for fancy learnin' boys in the family. The guy eats, sleeps, and breathes anything App State and slips away any chance he gets to find his way back up to Boone. Since marrying, VERY late in life, Demm has spent most of his free time traveling, and will happily show you his thousands…and thousands…and thousands…of sunset pictures.

His real rise to fame though came when he made a 10 second cameo on an episode of CONAN…at least he thinks he did. Chase Myers.

who made who live 92 news

After college Dave immediately got a job as a weatherman right in Greensboro, NC where he went to college! The only problem was Dave was short and portly and there was no chance in hell he would ever be a Hollywood star, so he decided the only way to be in the moving picture box was to become a TV Weatherman.

Full disclosure: Home of the Carolina Panthers. Biggie was born in Johnson City, Tennessee on a cold January morning in 1983. He worked there for several years until the lawsuit.... Listen for your chance to win a trip for two to Chicago for St.

He spent his days swimming in creeks, skipping rocks, and scamming the tourists by selling them fake Indian moccasins that his Nana made. So Dave bravely hitchhiked down the mountain and all the way to Greensboro where he started his College career. He was born in France, and has consistently been a fan of stinky cheese and snobby waiters ever since.

who made who live 92 news

You can hear him weekday mornings from 6 to 10 eastern time on the 2 Guys Named Chris Show. Biggie is a hard working guy who enjoys hanging out with blondes, spending money on useless items, and weekend trips to Vegas.

Connect With 2GNC. And legally that's all I can say about that.

who made who live 92 news

Dave had a fairly normal childhood for a mountain boy. Just like a few years before, Dave's life was changed. His Daddy had just got done making the shine for the day and was looking to relax a little when suddenly Dave's Mom gave out a wild yell from the kitchen and there on the floor lay a baby Dave.

Rock 92's 9-2-5 Flyaway to Chicago

Take Rock92 Anywhere! Never miss a moment of the Triad's leading class rock radio station! They hired him mostly because they needed someone to fill out the chicken suit and provide entertainment for store openings. He loves Jimmy Buffet there is a pending restraining order ; he joined the 2 Guys Named Chris Show after saving Chris Kelly's life in a near fatal chicken bone choking episode; if you ask him his opinion of something he will never ever ever give it to you; he loves football more than he loves anything else; he likes beer and women and..

Put Up Or Shut Up. He knew he wanted to be inside that moving picture box...

who made who live 92 news

This obsession turned him into the rock trivia freak he remains today.