What s luv fat joe clean cars

Rap Critic Reviews: "What's Luv" by Fat Joe feat. Ashanti

Although, I think it's funny that he uses the edited version of the phrase from the Big Pun song "Still Not a Playa", because in both cases, I'm pretty sure the edit was intended to mean that he gets easily smitten with a lot of chicks, and you know, develops a crush on them. Fat Joe feat. It's about us, it's about trust babe What's love?

Mommy, I know you got issues You gotta man But you need to understand That you got something with you.

what s luv fat joe clean cars

Not my fault cause they love the kid Maybe the chain or the whip I don't know what it is. Both of them were "Thugs Need Love Too", songs. Okay, so now we're given a little context! Sign In Don't have an account? What's love?

What’s Luv? (clean version) testo

You say you gotta man and you're in love But what's love gotta do with a little menage RC: Which is not exactly the most romantic follow-up to telling a girl you won't go down on her Fat Joe: Tracking list e i testi dell'album: However, if you wanted to, you could go into how one of you may be confusing love for sex, or that someone is conflicted about how they feel about the other, but you never do that. What's love got to do with Irv Gotti?

Well, gee, Fat Joe, I hate to burst your bubble, but these girls were only attracted to your winning personality.

what s luv fat joe clean cars

In fact…. Tutti i testi di Fat Joe feat. You say you gotta man and you're in love RC: There's no ambiguity about what's happening here. What, a meatball sub that she didn't finish, i mean, he is FAT Joe, so, okay, that can't be it, maybe he's just using a vague phrase to talk about how hot she is?

what s luv fat joe clean cars