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But he walks to keep fit and participates in a local senior citizen organization. She also plants a lot of flowers in the summer and, as a master gardener, volunteers at public parks and community gardens. Cluss remembers her as exceptionally devoted to her experiments.

She uses a wheelchair and is able to come up to his apartment occasionally for a meal. Mom gave up being towed behind planes after college, but continued to ski until she was 85.

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For perpetuity, as they say in wills. Brian Pillman Jr. Jane is being recognized for her remarkable efforts to preserve Vermont lore. The sweet stuff is, of course, a staple in Midd dining halls.

She enjoys gardening there. And their ideas were as diverse as their disciplines.

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I had learned to ski cross country on the flats of the Middlebury campus, and I was not prepared for the downhill parts of the hills behind the Bread Loaf campus; I remember the terror of speeding along towards the creek bed on two skinny, unstable reeds to which the toe of my shoe was fixed, my ankle in the balance.

My late husband Franco Ciccone and I arrived in 1982. Gracie Held gracieheld6. Rob Borden, and Stodd Pierce. Keep up that positive attitude.

Ballou, chair of the math dept, and his delightful, gentle love of math; Dr. Gathering together were College staff member Martha Baldwin. My husband, a veterinarian, volunteers for two weeks there every year.

She plays bridge and shuffleboard and is involved with several activities at her church. She continues to keep fit by exercising and walking three to four miles per day The major change in her life is that she no longer serves as the lister in the town of Brandon as the town voted not to continue the practice of using one.

It seems pretty natural to deploy these offerings.

The committee working on our 50th reunion extends a warm and inclusive welcome to all of our class members, whether at Middlebury for a year or for all four or more. Benjamin Thomas-John benthomasjay. He spoke of taking courses in environmental studies; of spending a lot of time outdoors, hunting, fishing, and skiing; of majoring in American literature and channeling Ernest Hemingway.