How to spell 22 in navajo

Material appearing here is distributed without profit or monetary gain to those who have expressed an interest. The student also can ask for the definition to be given as well as having the word used in a sentence, before beginning his or her spelling of the word.

how to spell 22 in navajo

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Counting in Navajo

March 22, 2003 - Issue 83. Enter a number and get it written in full in Navajo. Based on a Greek word that means to educate the child, the paideia is a handbook with various levels of difficulty in spelling words. The compound numbers based on twenty and forty 21-29, 41-49 are formed by suffixing the unit digit to the ten digit e. Then the ODY puts on the reservation championship in the tribal capital with the newspaper as the sponsor.

how to spell 22 in navajo

The hundreds are formed by adding the multiplicative enclitic -di to the matching digit multiplier, then a space and the word hundred: A Dictionary by Robert W. During the contest, each boy or girl comes to the microphone, hears a word pronounced, repeats the pronunciation, then spells it letter by letter.

22, 33, 44...

This site uses cookies for statistical and advertising purposes. Canku Ota. Western Agency: Tens are formed by adding the multiplicative suffix -diin times ten to the matching digit: Millions are formed the same way as hundreds and thousands: How to count in… Numbering systems Articles Books Contact. By agency, the champion, runner-up and alternate, with their grades and schools, are: By using this site, you accept the use of cookies.

how to spell 22 in navajo

Thousands are formed the same way as hundreds: We have received appropriate permissions for republishing any articles. Northern Agency no alternates listed: Students also practice from much larger dictionaries.

how to spell 22 in navajo

In compound numerals, the combining forms of the digits have irregular vowel and consonants changes.