How to mend a hole in sweater

Brittany McCrigler Member since: Add a comment. Step 18. How to Darn a Hole in a Knitted Garment 27 steps.

how to mend a hole in sweater

If you have a pull or gather, you can flatten it with your finger, allowing the thread to loosen. Insert the needle at a forty-five degree angle to your previous stitching, taking the needle under one row of the knit. All you need is Fuse It Powder , scissors, and an iron. You're Finished! If you go through both layers, you will sew the garment shut. Not to worry—fixing a hole in a knitted garment is easy.

How to Fix Holes in a Sweater

Step 25. Step 2. I've had my very favorite cardigan since I was fifteen, and found it at a thrift store in Austin, Texas. Introduction Darn it! When you come to the edge of your stitches, turn the needle around and begin stitching another line of stitches at a forty-five degree angle alongside the line you just made. Take a single straight stitch going into a single layer of fabric and coming back up one row of the knit closer to the hole.

how to mend a hole in sweater

Step 20. Ever fixed something?

What To Do If Your Sweater Gets A Hole In It & You Don't Have A Sewing Machine — PHOTOS

When you get about a centimeter past the hole, pull the needle through until the thread is taut, but not gathering or scrunching the fabric. Step 5. Step 17. You will begin to stitch over your previous stitches at a forty-five degree angle, just as before. Finish Line.

how to mend a hole in sweater

If you are new to sewing, it is better to take one stitch at a time. Here are three ways to fix a hole in your sweater without a sewing machine: Even if your craft skills are in the negatives, there's still hope!