How to make string ball decorations

how to make string ball decorations

She has been contributing to craft articles on wikiHow since 2007. Here's a fun, new, craft ornament idea to try with the kids——string ball ornaments! I can already think of a bunch of leftover yarn balls I have that I want to make those with.

Glue Yarn Ball Tutorial

I just made these and after 3 failed attempts i was able to tweak it up and make perfect balls. Tips Threading the string under a few heavy washers or bolts in the glue bowl can help you in getting it all thoroughly moistened with glue. Awesome picture! I can see them hanging in bunches at different heights for maybe a party, indoors or out. In the morning of the next day, the glue yarn ball should be stiff and hard.

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DIY Decorative Yarn Balls

Luv2cook74 3 years ago. These yarn balls look really decorative and make beautiful centerpieces. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

how to make string ball decorations

There is no method here, just wrap it in every which way. I am so happy that I subscribe to NoBiggie. For more information please read our privacy policy.

Snowy Balloon Ornaments

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how to make string ball decorations

Allow to dry for several hours. They looked to be perfectly round and small? Obsessed with swirls and polka dots...

how to make string ball decorations

KH Katie Hughes Apr 27, 2016. WOW, brings back memories.

how to make string ball decorations

Hey,I tryed your decorations and it can out perfectly.